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Lamplighter's Club

2425 F.M. 1092 Missouri City, TX. 77459 US
  • 281-499-5496

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Meeting Locator

Thank You for using the Meeting Locator, this page is intend to help people in recovery find their local NA and AA "Alcoholics Anonymous" Meetings. This tool is great if you are searching from a mobile phone as it works well with your navigator. If the AA meeting you find isn't there any more we encourage you to call the AA Hotline # which is listed with each meeting. From the Hotline you will be able to get the number to the "Alcoholics Anonymous" AA Central Office or you can find that info here by going to the AA Meeting Directory .

When using the Meeting Directory you will have the choose of what type meeting you are looking for.

  • Open meetings - anyone can attend

  • Closed meetings - are just that, you must have a desire to quit drinking, and some meetings require that you announce yourself as a alcoholic.

  • Smoking meetings - there still are and unless clearly marked you may assume they are non smoking

  • You have total control over the search features, IE: Mens, Womens, Open or Closed.... etc

  • If you are looking for a Spanish Speaking AA Meetings, we have this option also

  • All meetings are one hour in length unless listed as more.

If you think you might have a problem with alcohol or drug abuse and think a drug an alcohol rehab treatment program is for you, we encourage you to find a inpatient treatment center for alcoholics and drugs as soon as possible. At times it's a good idea to go to a alcoholism or drug detox center to clear our brain before we attend a AA Meeting. Alcoholics Anonymous has worked for millions of people and it can work for you. So check your local listings and see about getting a head start from a treatment program for drug and alcohol. Than join use at your local AA Meeting for a new outlook on life.

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