A Sober Living Countdown to Christmas 2022

The holiday of Christmas 2022 is a time for rejoicing and festivity. However, as the Christmas 2022 date approaches, this time of year can be particularly challenging for the millions of people who fight against addiction. As you work toward sober living, remember it is attainable with a lot of effort. So, as you countdown to Christmas 2022, take care of yourself and add in extra AA meetings or an AA prayer as you journey toward experiencing a sober Christmas.

Consequently, AA meetings support sober living and a countdown to Christmas to help everyone battling addiction. Finding AA locations near me can help ensure that you have access to AA meetings, resources, and an AA prayer that will assist you in celebrating Christmas 2022 in peace and comfort as you experience sober living.

During Christmas 2022, AA meetings will be held at various times and locations.

As you enjoy the Christmas 2022 season and usher in 2023, there are AA meetings at various times, AA meetings online, and you can find AA locations near me so you can find the AA meetings near me schedule that works for you. It makes no difference if it is midnight or one in the afternoon; there are nearby AA meetings that you can join at any time. On Christmas 2022, access is available to a sober living community by attending AA meetings 24/7.

On our website, you’ll also discover information on how to locate nearby AA meetings.

During the Christmas 2022 season, we want to ensure you can find support for sober living. As the countdown to Christmas 2022 continues, there are AA meetings 24/7 and even AA meetings online, allowing members to go to a nearby AA meeting whenever it is most convenient. If you are striving for sober living this Christmas 2022 season, we want you to be aware that there is a sober living community of people who are prepared and willing to support you on your journey. As the Christmas 2022 date arrives, rest assured there are nearby AA meetings available to attend. 

Find assistance for your addiction now at AA meetings 24/7

We aren’t going to sugarcoat this. People who are battling with addiction sometimes find the Christmas 2022 season a particularly challenging time. Because of this, we decided to create the sober living Countdown to Christmas 2022, a guide that assists you in organizing your Christmas 2022 season and ensuring that you are prepared for the big day by having everything organized and ready to go when it arrives.

Find assistance to support sober living at AA meetings 24 hours a day! There are always nearby AA meetings, whether discovering AA meetings online or attending finding AA locations near me.

Just for a moment, picture yourself enjoying a sober Christmas 2022.

Think about it and consider making a decision to discover sobriety, having support, not relapsing, or embracing sober living even throughout the Christmas 2022 season. You have made it through one of the most challenging times in your life, and you are now looking forward to enjoying the Christmas 2022 season with your family, friends, and the people you care about the most. You currently have a second chance at life due to beating addiction, and the future looks promising for you as you continue fighting for sober living. During this time of recovery, we want you to know that you are not alone and that there are AA meetings 24 hours a day where help and support are available. AA meetings are composed of formerly addicted individuals who understand the challenges that you are currently facing. The purpose of AA prayer and AA meetings is to provide the support you need to get through the Christmas 2022 season and continue fighting addiction and embracing sober living. 

Make a “Sober Living Countdown to Christmas” and share it with others.

Create a list of activities you would like to participate in throughout the Christmas 2022 season. Then write down the things that you believe may serve as triggers for you or make it difficult for you to enjoy those activities. Then, whenever each task is finished, cross it off your list until the only thing left on your agenda is to spend time with your friends and family on Christmas Eve.

Make a second list of all the different ways individuals will try to seduce or shirk away from their sobriety this year, and then plan out how you will respond most effectively to those triggers if and when they appear on your radar screen. Finally, keep this website bookmarked so you can find a nearby AA meeting anywhere you travel. You’ll be able to discover the support you need with AA meetings 24 hours a day somewhere and even AA meetings online.


Sober living is not a walk in the park, but it can be quite rewarding. Put some creativity into your sober Christmas 2022 traditions, and spend quality time with friends and family who are there for you when you need it. Check out our website and discover nearby AA meetings.