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Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Boston

Thanks to our compiled list of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) locations in and around the Boston area, AA meetings are not difficult to find. Our directory is accurate and up to date, making it convenient for you to find a suitable AA group nearby.


What Are AA Meetings About?

For decades, AA meetings have made it possible for people struggling with alcoholism and substance abuse to find support, understanding, and community while on their journey toward a life of sobriety. This is all thanks to a 1939 book called “Alcoholics Anonymous,” which served as a basis for the movement’s principles. Dubbed the “12 Traditions of AA,” those principles gave rise to the “12 Steps of AA.”

No matter a person’s culture, views, or standing in life, they are welcome to attend AA meetings in Boston. They can attend AA meetings near Boston, and since there is no shortage of meetings in the general area, they will have no trouble finding one.

The question is generally one of convenience: Which one is most convenient to attend?


Which AA Meeting in Boston is Right for You?

You can narrow your search for an AA meeting in Boston based on your needs. The kinds of meetings available range from closed meetings meant exclusively for alcoholics to open meetings where family, friends, and others are welcome. Some meetings feature a main speaker and others are organized in such a way that everyone is able to talk freely about their personal experience(s). Meetings typically include discussions about the 12 traditions and 12 steps of AA. We encourage you to take your first step and ask, “Where are the AA meetings near me?”


Benefitting From AA Meetings

For decades, Alcoholics Anonymous has equipped and enabled addicts to live a life of sobriety. It has provided them with much-needed support and accountability. In light of all of the success had by others, we highly encourage you to find a meeting and keep a positive attitude as you begin your journey. There is much for you to be proud of as you begin your journey! You can browse our directory for AA meetings in Boston and anywhere in the surrounding area. And when you are ready, you can look back on your progress with our sobriety calculator.

Monday Night Big Book Study

15255 Old Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Gracie St Group

Gracie Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Old Jefferson Group

15255 Old Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Magnolia Group

16024 Greenwell Springs Road
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

As Bill Saw It

Beaumont Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Highland Rd & Dalrymple Dr
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Thursday Night Step Study

15255 Old Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Mid-Week in Recovery

738 North 47th Street
Scotlandville, Louisiana

Farmers Market

401 Main St
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Fe Y Esperanza

12333 Jefferson Hwy Suite E
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Stray Cats

9375 Highland Rd
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

University Drunks

Highland Road
Baton Rouge, Louisiana