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Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of people who share their experiences, strength, and hope in order to overcome their common problem and help others recover from alcoholism.

Anyone interested in leading a sober life is welcome to join. AA is a self-supporting organization. AA is not affiliated with any sect, denomination, political party, organization, or institution; it makes no specific statement on any particular cause; and it has no desire to incite controversy. Our primary objective is to maintain sobriety while assisting other alcoholics in the process.

AA is a non-profit organization with a global membership of over 2 million recovering alcoholics. There are approximately 18,000 members in Australia. They meet in over 2000 local chapters located throughout the country. Small town meetings may have a few attendees, whereas larger community meetings may have hundreds. 

AA is a lay organizaton; it is not affiliated with any clinics, doctors, counselors, or psychologists. Each member is currently alcohol-free. The operation of AA groups is not centralized. Members of each group have complete autonomy. However, the AA program of recovery been so successful that it is followed by almost every group in a very similar fashion.

AA Meetings near Denver, Colorado

With so many different types of AA meetings available in Denver, you’re certain to find a location, time, and topic that meets your needs. While some individuals join Alcoholics Anonymous as part of their treatment program, others do so independently. These meetings are open to anyone interested in living a sober lifestyle.

At Denver AA meetings, the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are frequently discussed. Numerous people discover that following these 12 steps assists them in maintaining a sober lifestyle. The steps direct meeting participants to modify their behaviors and collaborate with their “higher power” in order to discover a path to sobriety.

Keep the following points in mind when looking for AA meetings:

  • Groups of smokers and non-smokers
  • Leadership is necessary for a group.
  • Locations of meetings
  • Meetings of the group are open to the public.

As evidenced by a review of various meetings, the atmosphere and content of sessions vary considerably. Several sessions will feature readings, while others will feature personal stories from special guests. Certain meetings are open to the public, while others are not.


AA Meetings in Denver, Colorado

It is critical to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that is appropriate for your current level of sobriety. A newcomers meeting is the first type of AA meeting. This type of meeting is not exclusive to newcomers; it encourages them to share their stories and accept assistance. The following is a gender-specific gathering, which is limited to members of a single gender. A closed meeting is one in which no topic other than how to stay sober from alcohol is permitted to be discussed. Other forms of substance abuse are taboo. A Step Study is an event that focuses exclusively on a single step and discusses in detail the optimal method for completing it and applying it in daily life. Traditions meetings are centered on Alcoholics Anonymous’s Twelve Traditions. The twelve traditions are incompatible with the twelve steps. To maintain order, Alcoholics Anonymous established the traditions, and adhering to them explains why you can attend an AA meeting anywhere in the world and hear the same message.



Benefiting from Attending AA meetings

You can discuss your life and difficulties.

The opportunity to share one’s struggles with others who understand is one of the primary benefits of AA. While conversing with family and friends about your life, triggers, and experiences is beneficial, they may not always understand your frustrations and emotions. Members of AA have walked in your shoes and empathize with your plight.

You have the opportunity now to mend your relationships.

Te twelve steps of AA are structured in such a way that they guide you through the process of recovering from addiction. You proceed through these steps at your own pace, considering each previous choice and its effect on you and your relationships with others. Throughout these steps, you’ll have the opportunity to express regret for past mistakes and repair damaged relationships with others.

You gain access to the advice of others.

Similarly t how you were given a platform to discuss your struggles, others have been given one as well. This is extremely advantageous because it enables you to benefit from the experiences of others. They may share strategies that have assisted them in maintaining their sobriety and offer guidance on navigating difficult times. Additionally, they will provide additional assistance during your addiction recovery.

Living in a sober home increases your chances of remaining sober significantly following rehab. Attending AA meetings while sober can be beneficial as well.

Grupo Honestidad

2320 E. 49th Ave.
Denver, Colorado

Grupo El Alba

3133 Peoria St. #205
Denver, Colorado

Grupo Solo por Hoy

7131 Irving St. #202
Denver, Colorado

Foundation of Willingness

3120 Irving St (Ch rear,bsmt)
Denver, Colorado


2695 S. Franklin St. (Ch)
Denver, Colorado

Coming To

1155 Cherokee St (detox dining rm)
Denver, Colorado, 80204

Nine to Five

1301 E. Colfax Ave. (The Center)
Denver, Colorado, 80218


2162 Lawrence St. (table)
Denver, Colorado, 80205


1311 York Street
Denver, Colorado, 80206

Spiritual Kndrgrtn

1311 York St.
Denver, Colorado, 80206


1311 York St.
Denver, Colorado, 80206

10 PM Last Call

1311 York Street
Denver, Colorado, 80206