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What are AA meetings in Dover, Delaware?

Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or AA meetings is a fellowship in pursuit of helping alcohol-dependent individuals to achieve freedom from alcohol. The AA meetings in Dove, Delaware, share this pursuit. It is a community where alcoholics confide in similar struggles and encourage them to learn how to live without alcohol. Like AA meetings in Dove, Delaware, other AA groups popularized the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous that aims to dismiss the obsession with drinking to live fuller and happier lives. They also established the 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous to set alcohol-free practices and environments for the members. Check out the AA Meeting locator to join the AA groups or go to the AA Meeting Directory to explore more about AA meetings and descriptions of each session’s program. 

How do I choose the best AA meeting in Dover, Delaware?

Choosing an AA meeting in Dover, Delaware, could be challenging considering many groups available on the AA Meeting locator. If you are a newcomer, make sure to choose an AA meeting that is closer to you! A closer area can help you settle in the community. You should also select an AA meeting that focuses on the 12 traditions of AA and the 12 steps of AA. This way, you can learn the fundamentals of alcoholism recovery. Once you’ve settled in, you can explore other groups to the AA Meeting Directory, where you can choose the most suitable meeting format for your needs and goals. After all these processes, a sobriety calculator is accessible to monitor your progress in staying sober. So, begin your journey to a life free of alcohol abuse and join the nearest and most suitable AA meeting in Dover, Delaware now!

Taking Advantage of AA meetings in Dover, Delaware

If you want to dedicate yourself to battle addiction and achieve full recovery, the best you can do is make the most out of the AA meeting in Dover, Delaware experience! Be open to what it has to offer, including the 12 traditions of AA and the 12 steps of AA. Embody both practices to keep you away from the temptation to relapse. The 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous will give you a background of the culture of the community. This can help you grow closer to your peers. While the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous help you and your fellow recovering alcoholics expose yourself to an alcohol-free life and practices. Learning can help you be aware of what to do, but building a connection with others will help you find the motivation to continue committing to the free life you have always wanted. Make sure to create bonds with your peers. Monitor each other for accountability. Encourage everyone for self-discipline and check your sobriety calculator. Take advantage of the resources and the relationship you can create inside the AA meetings. You and your community friends can begin a new life free of alcohol!

Fresh Air Dover

46 South Bradford Street
Dover, Delaware, 19904

Fountain Roc Group

425 North Dupont Highway
Dover, Delaware, 19901

New Year Group Bayhealth

640 South State Street
Dover, Delaware, 19901

Going To Any Lengths

1818 North Little Creek Road
Dover, Delaware, 19901

As Bill Sees It

210 Old North Road
Camden, Delaware, 19934

Bridge to Life Group

756 Main Street
Dover, Delaware, 19904

Smyrna A A Group

249 Main Street
Kenton, Delaware, 19955

Beginners Meeting Smyrna

22 North Union Street
Smyrna, Delaware, 19977

Clayton AA Group

401 West Street
Clayton, Delaware, 19938

Frog Town Group

4 Front Street
Frederica, Delaware, 19946

Smyrna A A Road 487

1630 Road 487
Smyrna, Delaware, 19977

Harrington Group

190 Raughley Hill Road
Harrington, Delaware, 19952