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The all-encompassing list given below is of AA meetings near Iowa. Can’t find a meeting that meets your requirements? Here, check out the others in nearby towns.

AA Meeting Near Iowa What Is It About?

Alcoholism is a disease – one that not only affects the alcoholic’s mind and mind but it also wreaks havoc on their family, too, in many forms – from physical to mental. Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship for people who are dependent on alcohol or drugs and want to attain sobriety from their addiction. AA meeting, as this program is better known as, is a fellowship of Alcoholics, kind of a support group for those who wish to leave their drink-induced days behind.

Generally comprising small groups, AA meetings are free of any charges. These are usually held in community centers or church halls, where a contribution towards the end may be held to meet the rent of the place. While it is not mandatory to contribute, most members do so voluntarily. You will find your AA meeting in Iowa to be free of any bias in the form of faith or color, or race. The only stipulation is your wish to be sober, nothing else.

How To Select An AA Meeting Near Iowa?

Before you become a regular AA member, you must first know which type of meeting you. I would like to attend as there are several different Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. There are open meetings, which welcome the family and friends of the alcoholic person. Then, there are closed meetings which are only for drinkers.

Beginner’s meetings, which are small-sized ones, open their doors to those who feel they might have a drinking problem or those who are first-timers and just checking meetings out. In Big Book meetings, members gather together to discuss the AA Big Book in detail. In Meditation meetings, some part of the entire meeting passes in guided meditation. In a few such meetings, a discussion may be held towards the end.

You Must Get The Most From An AA Meeting In Iowa

AA is well regarded the world over as one of the best programs that guide alcoholics to complete sobriety. For many people, meetings such as these are cocoons of support and encouragement. In fact, sometimes people enter into friendships that last for years altogether, sometimes for life. If you are thinking of going to AA meetings, you must have realized you have a drinking issue. You must try and get your life back on track, and you can surely do so with the help you will surely get from the others at the meeting. Just stand up and say that you need help. Open your ears and heart and try to learn from the mistakes of others. Everyone there has been in your shoes. If they have turned their lives around, there is no reason why you won’t be able to do so too!