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Search Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Rhode Island

For those in Rhode Island battling alcohol addiction problems, an AA meeting can be most helpful. An AA meeting in Rhode Island will provide you with an opportunity to interact with others who have struggled with the same disorder and overcome it. If you want an appointment close to where you stay, this is just the place to find it. If there isn’t one near you, choose from other nearby locations.

What Is An AA Meeting For? 

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are meant for those addicts who are determined to help one another overcome alcohol addiction. These sessions offer addicts a chance to hear and be heard. They can talk about their problems without inhibitions or the fear of being judged. Stories of those who have successfully been able to kick out the habit can be most inspiring for others. An AA meeting near Rhode Island is where you get a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people who have had similar experiences. Everyone at the meeting is open to sharing their fears, insecurities, and problems and seeking help.

Types Of AA Meetings For You To Choose From

When choosing an AA meeting in Rhode Island, you must decide what type of meeting you prefer to attend. Some are informal gatherings and “open” in nature. Anyone can attend the open meetings, including your children, friends, and other family members. Closed meetings are only for members of Alcoholics Anonymous; family members or friends cannot be part of these. 

Regardless of the type of AA meeting near Rhode Island that you step into, it will benefit you. As a new member, you will be informed about how the AA works and the principles it adheres to. During speaker meetings, there is one person who speaks about his journey in addiction recovery. This may ask others to share their stories, too; this helps to motivate and inspire everyone.

How Can An AA Meeting In Rhode Island Benefit You?

Whether it is a closed or open AA meeting near Rhode Island, its benefits can be overwhelming. But to enjoy the advantages, you need to be a part of these meetings. Participating does not have to mean speaking or taking part actively in every session. Even your silent presence is welcome. When you listen to others talk of their insecurities and vulnerabilities, you will be encouraged to do the same. You will develop an open mind to take help from those around you. 

The best part about AA meetings is that even those who have recovered continue to be part of these. They feel they have to extend a helping hand to those who need it. In doing so, they ensure others can also maintain sobriety. So, every AA member is valuable in their way, and the first step to recovery from addiction is to join these meetings. When you know you have a drinking problem and need help to stay sober, shed your inhibitions and reach out to AA members. All you have to do is raise your hand at the next AA meeting near you.