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Do you feel you have a drinking problem? If you have been looking for help to kick off the habit of alcohol addiction, look at this list of places where you can attend AA meetings near West Virginia. It can be the first step in your journey towards sobriety. You, however, must not worry if you are unable to find a meeting that’s close to your home. The list has the names of many discussions in nearby places where you can attend AA meetings.

The Importance Of AA MeetingsĀ 

The society, Alcoholics Anonymous, was formed many years ago, sometime after the publication a book by the same name. This book had several vital suggestions and tips on how alcoholics could get rid of their addiction for life. Many alcoholics tried these out and found that they could become sober and resist the temptation of drinking. The success stories of these individuals spurred the springing up of AA meetings. These are free to attend and devoid of any religion and race affiliations. Members are not pushed into doing anything against their will, nor are they driven by any plan. The only aim is to help alcoholics to turn their lives around by extricating themselves from the mire of the bottle. At an AA meeting in West Virginia, which may be held in a hall or community center, you will find people of varying age groups speaking about their life experiences and sharing stories about their addiction and how they overcame the challenges in their life.

How To Choose An AA Meeting Near West Virginia

There are so many types of AA meetings now that people say there is a meeting for everybody. According to your age, if you prefer the company of similarly aged individuals, you can go for the youngsters or the old-timer’s sessions. For those that prefer structured West Virginia AA meetings, you may want to attend Step meetings, where the members discuss the 12 steps of AA. Then there are Speaker meetings – which are of two types. Usually comprising large groups, from around 70-90 plus people, one type has one speaker who relates their life experience from beginning to end. They may start a discussion towards the end. In the other type, there may not be a discussion in the future. Apart from these, there are many others. You can try a few out, see how you feel, and take the final call based on your comfort level.

Benefitting From An AA Meeting In West Virginia

West Virginia AA meetings are full of people who are either already sober or still resisting the temptation to drink. Since you are here because you want to end your drinking, you would be best served by the meeting if you put in the effort to learn from others and make the much-needed change in your life. Be open to listening to the members bear their heart, and when it’s your turn, express your fears and triumphs too.