AA Meeting: 164 Club

For More Information on Meetings and Times Call: 1-718-306-9298

Location Name: Methodist Church

Address: 404 W Main St

City: Paragould

State: AR

Zip: 72560


Day Time Info
Thursday 12:00:00 PM Open Big Book AA Meeting
Monday 12:00:00 PM Open Literature AA Meeting


The 164 Club in Paragould, AR, hosts an open Big Book AA meeting every Thursday and Monday, providing a structured and supportive environment for those seeking recovery.

Share Your Story, Heal Your Soul with the 164 Club AA Meeting:

1. Big Book Emphasis: Each meeting focuses on studying the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, allowing for deep dives into its teachings and principles.

2. Open Attendance: The meetings are open to anyone interested in recovery, whether newcomers or long-time program participants.

3. Regular Schedule: With meetings held twice weekly, participants can engage regularly and maintain momentum in their recovery journey.

4. Welcoming Environment: The 164 Club is known for its warm and inclusive atmosphere, making it an ideal setting for individuals from all walks of life to come together.

5. Community Engagement: The group encourages participation in community activities and volunteer opportunities, fostering a sense of service and connection among members.

At the 164 Club in Paragould, the focus on the Big Book and a strong community spirit provide a robust foundation for personal growth and recovery. The club’s dedication to openness and regular engagement makes it a pivotal resource for anyone seeking a sober lifestyle. Your journey matters. Attend an AA meeting to share your experiences and find healing through the power of listening and being heard.

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