AA Meeting: “4th Step”

For More Information on Meetings and Times Call: (866)920-0628

Location Name: 521 Club

Address: 25 N West End Ave

City: Lancaster

State: PA

Zip: 17603


Day Time Info
Friday 8:00:00 PM Open Speaker AA Meeting


“4th Step” in Lancaster, PA, meets every Friday at 8:00 PM. This is an open speaker meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, welcoming anyone interested in hearing experiences related to alcohol use disorder. The group focuses on sharing personal stories to inspire and support attendees.

Inside an AA Meeting with the “4th Step”:

1. The “4th Step” group features speakers who share their journeys with alcohol use disorder, providing relatable and motivational stories. These testimonies offer valuable insights and hope to those in attendance.

2. The meeting’s open format ensures that anyone can attend, whether newcomers, long-time members, or simply curious about AA. This inclusivity fosters a diverse and supportive community.

3. Meeting every Friday evening, “4th Step” provides a consistent end-of-week support option for those seeking to maintain sobriety. The timing allows participants to reflect on their week and prepare for the weekend with renewed resolve.

4. The group serves the local community in Lancaster, PA, by offering a convenient and accessible venue for support and recovery. The central location makes it easy for residents to attend regularly.

5. Focusing on the 4th step of the AA program—making a searching and fearless moral inventory—encourages deep self-reflection and growth. This emphasis helps participants work through their challenges with the group’s support.

“4th Step” in Lancaster, PA, provides a supportive environment for anyone interested in the transformative power of shared experiences. With its open speaker meetings every Friday evening, the group fosters a sense of community and personal growth. This dedicated support system is an invaluable resource for those on their journey to sobriety. Find strength in numbers with Alcoholics Anonymous. Connect with others who understand and can help you navigate recovery.

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