AA Meeting: 702 Group

For More Information on Meetings and Times Call: 1-866-920-0628

Location Name:

Address: 1600 West Antelope Drive

City: Layton

State: UT

Zip: 84041


Day Time Info
Sunday 7:00 PM Open Meeting


Why do people trust 702 Group AA Meetings? 
Overcoming any addiction is easier to handle with the presence of a support group. AA is known to be the oldest and most dedicated support group internationally. It is the best resource and ultimately one of the best choices in recovering alcoholics. Over the years, AA practices the 12 Steps of AA and the 12 Traditions of AA in Layton, Utah. Recovering alcoholics who attend these meetings are aware of these steps and traditions that genuinely impact their lives. In addition, AA groups form a community that provides a safe space for AA Members. A sobriety calculator is essential to individuals who would like to keep track of their progress. That's why a lot of people trust AA Meetings. There are various AA groups to choose from; visit the AA Meeting Directory to know more about us.
Does 702 Group have open AA Meetings?
Are open AA Meetings the best ones for you? Alcoholics Anonymous offers open, closed, etc., types of AA meetings internationally depending on the location. These meeting formats differ, although the main goal is still the same, to transform the lives of alcoholics. The majority prefer open AA Meetings since there is a diversity of people to have encounters with. Open meetings are for anyone willing to give up alcoholism and addiction. 702 Group in Layton, Utah, has AA Meetings held every Sunday at 7:00 PM. If you would like to try other meetings, please don't hesitate to check the AA Meetings Locator for more information.
What do I need to know before joining an AA Meeting at 702 Group?
Before entering an AA meeting, one must be familiar with the processes and how it works. Individuals are hesitant to attend AA Meetings because they might be too expensive. But do not fret! There are no membership fees and requirements needed in attending AA Meetings. To join AA Meetings, you must know the locations available and the nearest one to you. A positive attitude is also required when attending AA Meetings to make things easier for you. Joining meetings doesn't guarantee a successful road to recovery; they are just there to guide you through. Give us a call and locate the nearest location to you! Check out the AA Meeting Directory to know more about the available AA Meetings in Layton, Utah.

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