AA Meeting: A.A. Unlimited Group

For More Information on Meetings and Times Call: 1-718-306-9298

Location Name: Education Building Room 103

Address: 3921 Oakridge Dr

City: Jackson

State: MS


Day Time Info
Tuesday 5:30:00 PM Closed Meeting, Discussion
Thursday 5:30:00 PM Closed Meeting, Discussion
Saturday 5:30:00 PM Open Meeting, Discussion


What is an A.A. Unlimited Group AA Meeting?

AA Unlimited Group AA Meeting in Jackson, Mississippi, provides support to individuals who are struggling with alcohol through AA groups that encounter similar situations to achieve life under sobriety and are unified in AA meetings. Members are assured of a safe space that exercises freedom of self-expression to prevent the stigma that most alcoholics commonly face and enable them to achieve their true life desires. Are you ready to embark on a new chapter of your life? Join AA Unlimited Group AA Meetings now! Refer to the AA Meeting Directory for more information.

How often do AA meetings take place at A.A. Unlimited Group?

AA meetings happen thrice a week, with Closed Discussion AA Meetings available during Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Open Discussion AA Meetings are every Saturday from 5:30 PM onwards. Open Discussion AA Meetings are available for everyone that seeks or provides help to others in dealing with problems caused by alcohol. In contrast, Closed Discussion AA Meetings are reserved for members that are facing alcohol problems and have the strong desire to change and leave alcohol behind. Make sure to use the Sobriety Calculator to keep track of your progress in achieving an alcohol-free life.

Does AA Unlimited Group follow the 12 Steps and traditions of AA?

AA Unlimited Group ensures that all AA meetings are productive and meaningful by ensuring that all 12 Steps of AA and 12 traditions of AA in Jackson, Mississippi, are followed. AA Unlimited Group believes that alcohol problems are serious and must be resolved the soonest time possible. Implementing these policies makes each meeting bring individuals one step closer to sober living. Confidentiality is key, which allows individuals to participate in stigma-free AA meetings actively. Visit the AA Meeting Locator and find out more about AA meetings near you.

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