AA Meeting: Closed Meeting

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Location Name: St. Thomas Episcopal Church Parish Hall

Address: 607 E 4th St

City: Alamosa

State: CO


Day Time Info
Wednesday 8:00:00 PM Closed, Discussion


The “Closed Meeting” in Alamosa, Colorado, offers a supportive environment for individuals seeking recovery through the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

1. Confidentiality: Ensures confidentiality by restricting attendance to individuals who have a desire to stop drinking, fostering a safe space for sharing personal experiences.

2. Structured Format: Follows a structured meeting format that typically includes readings from AA literature, sharing by members, and discussions focused on recovery.

3. Member Commitment: Requires a commitment to sobriety from attendees, creating a focused atmosphere conducive to personal reflection and growth.

4. Group Accountability: Encourages group accountability through sharing of personal progress, challenges, and strategies for maintaining sobriety.

5. Supportive Atmosphere: Provides a supportive atmosphere where members can freely express their feelings and receive encouragement from peers who understand their journey.

The “Closed Meeting” in Alamosa, Colorado, plays a vital role in the local AA community by offering a confidential and supportive space for individuals dedicated to overcoming alcoholism. Through its structured format and emphasis on shared experience and mutual support, this group empowers its members to embrace sobriety and achieve lasting personal transformation.

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