AA Meeting: Daily Reflections Group

For More Information on Meetings and Times Call: 1-718-306-9298

Location Name:

Address: 739 Lords Valley

City: Lords Valley

State: PA

Zip: 20147


Day Time Info
Friday 6:00:00 AM Men's Closed Literature AA Meeting
Tuesday 6:00:00 AM Men's Closed Literature AA Meeting
Wednesday 6:00:00 AM Men's Closed Literature AA Meeting


Join us at the Daily Reflections Group AA Meetings in Lords Valley, PA, where we gather for support, camaraderie, and growth. Our meetings provide a safe space for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol addiction. Here’s why you should make attending our sessions a priority:

1. Structured Schedule: Our meetings are held regularly on Friday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings at 6:00 AM. Consistency is key in recovery, and our structured schedule ensures you have a reliable support system to lean on.

2. Men’s Closed Literature Meetings: These sessions are exclusively for men, offering a focused environment where participants can openly discuss their challenges and triumphs. With a closed format, confidentiality is prioritized, fostering trust and vulnerability among attendees.

3. Daily Reflections Theme: Each meeting revolves around the theme of daily reflections, providing a framework for self-examination and personal growth. Through sharing experiences and insights, members gain valuable perspectives that aid in their journey towards sobriety.

4. Community Support: By joining our group, you become part of a supportive community dedicated to mutual encouragement and accountability. Surrounding yourself with individuals who understand your struggles can greatly enhance your recovery process.

5. Literature-Based Approach: Our meetings utilize literature from Alcoholics Anonymous to guide discussions and foster understanding of the principles of recovery. By engaging with this material, attendees gain valuable insights and practical tools for navigating life without alcohol.

Take the first step towards a healthier, sober lifestyle by attending the Daily Reflections Group AA Meetings. Together, we can overcome addiction and embrace a brighter future. Join us and discover the power of community, reflection, and transformation.

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