AA Meeting: Lighthouse 6 and 7 Men

For More Information on Meetings and Times Call: 1-866-920-0628

Location Name: Lighthouse-Midway Baptist Church

Address: 21265 John J Williams Hwy

City: Lewes

State: DE

Zip: 19958


Wednesday8:00:00 AMClosed AA Discussion Meeting, Literature, Men


What is a Lighthouse 6 and 7 Men AA Meeting?
Do you want to live a life away from addiction? Overcoming addiction is tough to do, especially if you are going through this all by yourself. AA Meetings in Lewes, Delaware, can make your life easier in attaining sobriety. Several group discussions revolve around the 12 steps of AA and the 12 traditions of AA in Lewes, Delaware. AA is the best recovery resource for individuals who might want to give up drug dependence and alcohol. In addition, AA Meetings are an avenue for alcoholics in need of support. Through the AA groups, homegroups will be your family that will guide you through your road to recovery. If you are interested in joining the Lighthouse 6 and 7 Men AA Meeting, feel free to use the AA Meetings locator for other options near you.      
Why do people attend meetings in Lewes, Delaware, at Lighthouse 6 and 7 Men AA Meeting?
Attending AA Meetings is one of the numerous ways where alcoholics may live a sober life. Through AA's guidance by using the 12 steps of AA and 12 traditions of AA, participants are inspired and motivated to continue their road to sobriety. During AA Meetings in Lewes, Delaware, there are discussions where individuals have the opportunity to share their own experiences and stories without being judged since those people who attend our fellow alcoholics. Participants who attend AA meetings believe that AA can change their lifestyle and transform their old habits. However, it does not imply that you will already overcome addiction once you attend an AA meeting. First, one must be determined to follow the steps and traditions taught by Alcoholics Anonymous. Overcoming addiction is a long way to go. Hence, some are already discouraged right from the start. Sobriety calculators will be available to keep track of the progress made. Should you wish to attend AA Meetings around the area, navigate through the AA Meetings Directory for more information.
Who can join an AA Meeting at Lighthouse 6 and 7 Men in Delaware? 
Alcoholics Anonymous is for everyone interested in transforming one's life for the better. AA Meetings are widespread and worldwide, so AA Meetings vary from one place to the other. AA Meetings at Lighthouse 6 and 7 Men in Delaware offer closed AA meetings. This specific type of meeting is only for those who are alcoholics. This AA Meeting in Lewes, Delaware, is for men who opt to attend intimate sessions with fellow alcoholics and those who are more comfortable sharing with the same gender. AA groups formed will consist of men only. Attend an AA Meeting at Lighthouse 6 and 7 Men in Delaware today! Check out the AA Meeting Locator to know more about the other meetings available to you. 

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