AA Meeting: Step Sisters Group

For More Information on Meetings and Times Call: (866)920-0628

Location Name: Luthern Church

Address: Greenwood Ave

City: Chestertown

State: MD


Day Time Info
Wednesday 7:30:00 PM Women's Meeting Open AA Meeting - Alcoholics Anonymous


The “Step Sisters Group” in Chestertown, Maryland, is a welcoming and supportive Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting. This group provides a safe space for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol addiction, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

1. Women-Only Environment: The “Step Sisters Group” is dedicated to women, creating a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for female participants to share their experiences and challenges.

2. Step Study Focus: The group places a strong emphasis on studying the 12 steps of AA, providing a structured approach to recovery and personal growth.

3. Experienced Facilitators: Led by seasoned members who offer guidance and support, the group benefits from the wisdom and experience of long-term sobriety.

4. Confidential and Respectful Setting: The meetings ensure a confidential and respectful environment, where participants can openly discuss their struggles without fear of judgment.

5. Community Involvement: The “Step Sisters Group” actively engages with the local community, participating in events and outreach programs to promote awareness and support for those struggling with alcohol addiction.

The “Step Sisters Group” in Chestertown, Maryland, stands out as a nurturing and empowering AA meeting for women. By providing a focused, supportive, and confidential environment, the group plays a crucial role in aiding individuals on their journey to recovery.