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Location Name: Tansi Community Church

Address: 2067 Cravens Drive

City: Crossville

State: TN

Zip: 38572


Day Time Info
Saturday 10:00 AM Open Discussion AA Meeting


The “TANSI MEETING” in Crossville, Tennessee, offers a supportive environment for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol addiction through the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This group convenes to share experiences, provide mutual support, and explore pathways to sobriety in a welcoming and non-judgmental setting.

1. Cultural Sensitivity: Embraces and respects the diversity of its members’ cultural backgrounds.
2. Rotating Formats: Utilizes various meeting formats such as speaker meetings, discussion groups, and step study sessions.
3. Guest Speakers: Invites guest speakers, including elders or experienced members, to share wisdom and insights.
4. Community Outreach: Engages in outreach activities to raise awareness about addiction and recovery.
5. Healing Circles: Incorporates healing circles or similar rituals to promote emotional and spiritual well-being.

The “TANSI MEETING” in Crossville, Tennessee, serves as a vital resource and supportive community for individuals committed to sobriety. Through its cultural sensitivity, diverse meeting formats, and community outreach efforts, this group continues to empower its members on their path towards sustained recovery and personal healing.

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