AA Meeting: The Bridge Group

For More Information on Meetings and Times Call: 1-718-306-9298

Location Name: Gratitude Club

Address: 295 Ruggles Street

City: Fond du Lac

State: WI

Zip: 54935


Day Time Info
Sunday 7:30 PM AA Meeting - Alcoholics Anonymous


The Bridge Group in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, stands as a beacon of hope and support for individuals seeking recovery from alcoholism. Hosting its meetings every Sunday, the group provides a consistent and nurturing environment for sharing and growth. These meetings are designed not just to support sobriety but also to foster a deeper understanding of the personal and communal paths to recovery.

Group discussions form the core of The Bridge Group’s meetings, encouraging active participation and open communication among members. This collaborative approach allows attendees to explore various recovery topics in a collective setting, enhancing the sense of community and shared purpose. The Sunday scheduling is particularly strategic, offering members a moment of calm and reflection at the week’s end and preparation for the week to come with renewed strength and focus.

Key features of The Bridge Group meetings include:

1. Group Discussions: Each meeting features structured group discussions, allowing members to share their experiences, challenges, and successes, which enhances mutual understanding and support.

2. Sunday Meetings: Held every Sunday, these meetings provide a regular rhythm to members’ recovery efforts, ensuring consistent support and a chance to reflect on the past week while preparing for the next.

3. Open to All: The Bridge Group is open to anyone interested in recovery, making it a diverse and inclusive environment where all are welcome to seek support and share insights.

4. Supportive Environment: Known for its welcoming and warm atmosphere, the group provides a safe space for members to express themselves and engage deeply with the recovery process.

5. Emphasis on Continual Growth: The focus is not only on maintaining sobriety but also on personal development and understanding the deeper aspects of addiction and recovery.

In conclusion, The Bridge Group in Fond du Lac provides a vital resource for those navigating the challenges of recovery from alcoholism. The weekly Sunday meetings and the emphasis on group discussions create a dynamic environment where members can find both support and challenge. This group is an excellent choice for anyone looking to deepen their engagement with the recovery process in a community setting. It’s a place where voices are heard, stories are shared, and lives are changed.

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