Discover living sober by attending AA meetings in Florida

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism, alcohol use disorder, or alcohol dependence is a chronic condition where drinking alcohol results in mental or physical problems. Recovery and maintaining sobriety requires an ongoing effort. After you leave a treatment center, a support system is essential to help you remain focused on recovery.

How to stay sober?

So many celebrations are surrounded by drinking alcoholic beverages. When life doesn’t go as planned, so many people turn to alcohol, which can mess up lives. AA meetings in Florida have made a life-changing difference for so many people that have been exactly where you are today.

Attending AA meetings in Florida and participating in the 12 traditions of AA are crucial steps toward obtaining sobriety. AA meetings can provide the support system you need with the 12 steps of the AA. Each AA meeting in Florida offers a safe place to share your story, experiences and to connect with others who understand your struggles. Finding an AA group where you can work on the 12 steps of AA can make a big difference in helping you maintain sobriety.

What is the sobriety calculator?

The sobriety calculator can help you celebrate all the hard work you’ve done following the 12 steps of AA. Celebrate every sobriety milestone as it is a significant part of substance abuse recovery. Share the sobriety calculator with others at your AA groups and celebrate sobriety together. 

How do I find an AA meeting?

The AA meeting directory is a great place to search for an AA meeting in Florida. This national directory is an AA meeting locator for any city and state. The only prerequisite to join an AA group is a desire to stop drinking. There are never any fees. Joining an AA meeting in Florida happens when you show up for the first time.

You can locate an AA meeting in Florida by selecting Florida and then your city. You’ll be directed to the local resource to find an AA group in Florida to meet your needs best. If you are not comfortable meeting in person, there are often AA meetings available online. 

Which type of AA meeting is best?

AA meetings come in various formats such as open speaker meetings, open discussion meetings, closed discussion meetings, and 12 step meetings. Open meetings are open to any person who wants to attend an AA meeting. An open speaker meeting is an excellent choice for your first AA meeting to allow you to learn more about AA. At speaker meetings, AA members share their stories in the AA group one at a time without any discussion or commentary. 

Discussion meetings allow for discussion and are usually led by an AA member with the success of sobriety. Closed discussions and most of the 12-Step meetings are only open to people struggling with alcohol addiction. A 12-Step meeting will focus on the 12-Steps program, with one single step studied in-depth at each meeting.

Where do AA groups meet in Florida?

AA groups meet at different locations, including churches, civic centers, libraries, and more. So this allows you to find an AA meeting near you or in a facility that you prefer. 

Advocate for yourself or those you love by utilizing the AA locator and Sobriety Calculator tool and supporting someone you love. Self-care can help you leave the alcoholic drinks behind and enjoy sober living.