Does Alcoholics Anonymous really work?

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most effective treatments for alcoholism. It’s a fellowship and support group for people who are recovering from alcohol abuse issues, and it’s been around since 1935.

The following sections will explain what Alcoholics Anonymous is, how it works and whether or not it works.

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship and support group. It was founded in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, who himself was an alcoholic. The program consists of meetings in which individuals with a desire to stop drinking share stories and experiences. There is no cost involved, and the only requirement is that participants believe that they have a problem.

The concept of Alcoholics Anonymous is attributed to Bill Wilson’s own alcoholic experiences. When he was a young man, he was often drunk and saw his own life as pointless. He almost died after a car accident, and this experience inspired him to stop drinking. Wilson tried various methods of avoiding alcohol, but this did not work for him. He eventually found his own solution through a spiritual experience. This experience led to the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the fellowship has grown since then. Today, Alcoholics Anonymous has over 2 million people in its membership.

Alcoholics Anonymous is considered a spiritual program. This is why it does not use the term “alcohol addiction” but instead refers to alcoholism as a disease. It is also why the program makes reference to a higher power. This can be anything, such as a higher being, a faith in oneself or in God, and so on.

How AA works

Alcoholics Anonymous works by giving people with alcoholism the right tools to achieve sobriety. The program has three main principles that outline the way it works. These are:

  1. Surrendering to a higher power.
  2. The belief that alcoholism is a disease.
  3. Sharing experiences with other alcoholics.

The first principle is of paramount importance in Alcoholics Anonymous. The higher power can be anything, but it is a necessary component of the process. The second principle is also important, but it is not necessary for the program to work.

The third principle is the one that is responsible for the success of Alcoholics Anonymous. Sharing experiences with other alcoholics helps individuals realize their problem and where they went wrong. Through this, they learn a different way of living from what they previously knew. Alcoholics Anonymous works because it helps people realize that they have a problem and helps them change their lives. It gives people with alcoholism the ability to be happy and to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are facilitated by recovering alcoholics called “sponsors”. These people help the participants with their recovery process and support them in their journey towards sobriety.

The Steps of AA program

The Alcoholics Anonymous program consists of several steps.

Step 1: There is a belief that one is suffering from a disease, and this is why there is a desire to stop drinking. It is accepted that the individual has no control over alcohol.

Step 2: The individual acknowledges that he or she cannot control alcohol and that he or she is powerless over it. This particular step involves coming to terms with one’s problem, and it is a way of accepting it.

Step 3: The individual makes a decision to turn his or her will over to a higher power. This is one of surrendering to a higher power, and it is one source of motivation to stop drinking.

Step 4: The individual becomes willing to have a relationship with a higher power. This is the second source of motivation to stop drinking.

Step 5: The individual takes a personal inventory and admits his or her wrongs.

Step 6: The individual makes amends to those who he or she has wronged.

Step 7: The individual begins to move towards a life of sobriety and service.

Step 8: The individual continues to work many of the steps, and he or she remains actively involved with Alcoholics Anonymous.

Steps 4, 5 and 6 are often taken together and are referred to as taking a moral inventory and making amends.

How effective is AA?

Alcoholics Anonymous works, as evidenced by its numbers. There are millions of people who have been helped by Alcoholics Anonymous, and the success rate is high. It’s true that Alcoholics Anonymous is not a standalone cure, but it can play an important part in recovery. The program works best when it is accompanied by other treatments. However, the majority of alcoholics who undergo Alcoholics Anonymous never relapse.

Alcoholics Anonymous works by giving people with alcoholism a new way of living. The fellowship gives them the ability to change their lives and to live in a manner that is healthy and fulfilling. It helps them to be happier and not to drink. Most importantly, it helps them keep their sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous can also reduce or even eliminate the health complications that are associated with alcoholism.

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