How Can I Find An AA Meeting Near Me?

When you’re ready to start your recovery journey, there’s no better place to turn than Alcoholics Anonymous. AA meetings is one of America’s most effective self-help groups and has helped millions of people get sober. But not everyone knows about AA meetings near them or how they work. Read on if you’re new to sobriety and want to learn more about this powerful program!

How Can I Find an AA Meeting Near Me?

If you are looking for an AA meeting near you, there are many ways to do it. 

  • Online

You’ll find a list of available AA meetings near me with helpful information and details. 

  • Phone Book

You can use the phone book and search for “AA” in your area or go online and type in “AA Meetings.” 

  • At An AA Meeting

When you attend an AA meeting, you can check out the calendar of events at each AA meeting, so you know when they’re meeting again.

Find an AA Meeting Night and Day

The AA meetings are held in churches, community centers, and other public places. In addition, you can find an AA meeting night or day near you online. If you want to attend an AA meeting at night, check out our list of 24-hour AA meetings near me! When looking for a daytime AA meeting, check if one is available before making plans with friends or family members who might not know much about this type of support system yet.

Find a Speaker Meeting

Speaker meetings are a great place to find an AA meeting near you. A speaker meeting is where one of the group members shares their story about how they got into AA and how it helped them. It’s also open to all, so if you’re new to AA, this might be an excellent way to begin your journey toward sobriety and recovery. Speaker meetings take place at all hours of the day, so if there’s no time-sensitive need for an early morning meeting or afternoon break, consider attending an evening speaker AA meeting instead!

Find a Candlelight Meeting

Candlelight meetings are open to all, and they’re held in the evening. You can find one by attending AA meetings or calling the local chapter.

Find a Womens’ or Mens’ AA Meeting Near Me

If you’re looking for a more structured AA meeting, consider a men’s or women’s AA meeting. These groups have stricter guidelines than the other groups—a big part of the recovery process is learning how to live a life without drinking. In these AA meetings, there are fewer opportunities for spontaneity and open expression; members learn about recovery through lectures and discussions on topics like the 12 steps and traditions. Because of this structure, many people find them more challenging than other types of AA meetings because they require a commitment beyond just attending once in a while (although some people find them easier).

Other considerations:

  • Are there any specific sections within your city that cater specifically toward women? If so, look at those options first, as they may offer what you need most: female-led support groups based on their unique needs.

Find a Women’s Candlelight Meeting

If you’re looking for an AA meeting specifically for women, you should check out the Candlelight Meeting. These AA meetings are usually held on the first Friday of each month and are hosted by one of our communities across America. The Candlelight Meetings offer a safe space for women to feel comfortable and supported as they work through their issues without judgment or pressure from others in recovery. They provide opportunities for sharing experiences, helping each other stay sober, and continuing with their lives.

Each candlelight AA meeting has its unique format, so it’s important that if you want information about how these types of AA meetings work or where they can be found near your local area, then contact us today!

Help is available 24 hours daily to those participating in Alcoholics Anonymous.

There are many ways you can find an AA meeting near you. A smartphone is reliable since apps allow you to search for AA meetings in your area. If you don’t have access to this technology (or want some help finding one), there are also phone numbers for Alcoholics Anonymous on the back of every issue of The Grapevine magazine, which is published bi-monthly by AODA International (formerly World Services Committee).

AA members do not limit themselves to any one religious denomination or non-denominational group; they welcome everyone determined to get sober into their community of recovering alcoholics.


If you need help, there are many different options available to you. If you are starting in AA and don’t know where to go for your first AA meeting, we recommend looking at the calendar of events on our website. If you are looking for a new way of life that doesn’t involve alcohol, an AA meeting is a great place to begin. They will help you find your way and provide support at every step.