How to find an aa meeting in my area

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings have been known for a long time. There are a lot of locations that hold these AA meetings for those in need of help. Attending an AA meeting is easy since you can locate a convenient AA meeting and show up. If you are worried about the fees, AA meetings are free of charge; no registration, payment, or appointment is required. AA practices anonymity and your personal space will still be given to you. You won’t feel pressured by the environment you are in at an AA meeting since it is a drug-free atmosphere. 

There are available for these AA Meetings but choose the best one for you. There are no limitations on how many AA meetings you want to attend; you can participate in various AA meetings as frequently as you wish. However, how do you find an AA Meeting in your area? Take note of the following factors when choosing an AA meeting around the area. 

Location of the AA meetings 

The first thing to look into is the location of the AA meetings. Be sure that the location or area of your AA meeting is close to you so you can attend frequently. Additionally, be meticulous about the location since the type of AA meetings vary per location, whether you need an open or closed meeting. Aside from this, be more familiar with the surrounding area and see if you have a great neighborhood. Although being in an entirely new place is not harmful, it can also open you to new challenges. 

Schedule of the AA meetings 

Finding the right AA meeting for you can be incredibly gratifying. AA meetings vary depending on the location. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings usually last one hour. One’s preference determines how frequently they attend AA meetings; some go daily, others only once weekly, etc. If a person wants to visit an AA meeting often or not depends entirely on them. However, the road to recovery will be more successful if you frequently attend sessions at an AA meeting. Attending sessions will be worth your time and effort because you will become more comfortable interacting with fellow participants during an AA meeting. So head onto the website to discover more about the schedules and the best AA meeting for you. 

Type of AA meeting 

There are several types of meeting that AA offers. Make sure to browse each AA meeting to see which best suits your situation. An example of this is an open meeting; this is more of a general type of AA meeting since anyone is free to come and join. However, if you want a more private setting, then choose to go to the closed meeting since this is for individuals who are all alcoholics and addicts. This type of AA meeting will be a haven for those who would like to open up about themselves and be in an environment where other individuals go through the same thing. However, these AA meetings all have the same goal: to transform lives and live better lives. 


Attending AA meetings is one of the most effective methods to transform your life. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are known as support groups where others who share the same issue get together and share their experiences. Through these AA meetings, they have successfully transformed the lives of individuals in need. When someone achieves sobriety, they want to assist others in doing the same, which makes it a strategic plan because they can bring all their learnings to those in need of help. On the same foundation of helping other alcoholics in becoming sober, Alcoholics Anonymous was established.

There is no doubt that AA meetings have been known in several states and areas, so it is more difficult to choose where to go. One of the deciding factors will be the location; this will make you decide if you are determined to attend these AA meetings, especially if you are just around the area. Another one is the schedule of the AA meetings; make sure that the schedule fits your calendar. Lastly is the type of AA meeting; read through all the meetings offered and decide which one to attend. 

You’re not alone if you’re battling an alcohol addiction. Attending meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous is a terrific method to find the support you need to stop drinking. If you’ve done everything else and are still having trouble quitting, it’s time to consider attending AA meetings. Beat alcoholism with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Use their website to locate the closest AA meeting and start immediately!