How To Get Sober and Stay Sober for Christmas 2022

Many of us are searching for ways to get sober and stay sober as we improve our health and wellness for Christmas 2022. While being healthier may be a great goal, it’s important to remember that sober living should be your primary focus. So if you are wondering how to get sober and stay sober this Christmas 2022, realize you can’t change your behavior and achieve sober living without changing your thoughts and actions.

Discover Sober Living this Christmas 2022 using these helpful tools.

If you have a tough time sober living this Christmas 2022, this is the time of year when your thoughts turn toward how to get sober and stay sober. You might be tempted to go out and get drunk with friends or family. Or, you may have already relapsed as you’ve already gone through this process once in the past and failed. Maybe you’ve experienced sober living all year but now have an opportunity to drink again because Christmas 2022 will soon be here. Whatever it may be, we want you to be aware that there are resources to show you how to get sober and stay sober and to help you stay on track with sober living over the Christmas 2022 season:

  • Embrace sober living during Christmas 2022 using these helpful tools: There are many things we can do as individuals regarding sober living during this Christmas 2022 holiday season. Here are some general strategies for how to get sober and stay sober for Christmas 2022 that might work well for many people who struggle with Christmas and addiction recovery:
  • Make sure alcohol isn’t around at all times; if possible, put something over windows so no one sees inside them while they’re open-minded enough not only to recognize what’s going on outside but also to keep an eye out for themselves! Otherwise, “You” could end up falling into temptation yet again.

Get Connected this Christmas 2022

The first step to how to get sober and stay sober for Christmas 2022 is connecting with others enjoying sober living. In your time of need, you will find support in many places: communities, churches, hospitals, recreation centers, hospitals, AA meetings, and more. But another resource is online, AA prayers, and virtually.

You can find an AA meetings support group and even make friends with others in similar situations. You will also be able to get help from professionals at AA meetings as well as your family and friends in the community who love you and want to see you find and succeed with sober living.

Find a Sponsor at AA Meetings Near Me

The next step in how to get sober and stay sober for Christmas 2022 is to find a sponsor. A sponsor has been where you are now, understands how to support you, and will be there for you when times are difficult or frightening. They can be great sponsors if you have family members or friends who have successfully stopped drinking or using drugs and want to share their experiences with you.

AA meetings have thousands of members willing to share their experiences with you, and many of them will be more than happy to serve as a sponsor if you ask them.

Find an AA Meeting or Group Activity

If you need help finding AA meetings near me, it’s easy to do. You can search our website to find AA meetings anywhere in the world. Once you’ve discovered AA meetings near me, go to them and ask if other newcomers are there. Often, people in recovery will make a point of talking to new arrivals at AA meetings so that they can help them feel welcome and comfortable.

If there is no AA meetings group activity available in your area, try searching online for local support groups that may be looking for members. We can connect at any time via email or text message, too, so we’ll be able to stay connected with AA meetings no matter how busy our lives get during this Christmas 2022 season which often brings us closer together than ever.

Remember, the Christmas 2022 Holidays are What You Make Them and Try New Things with your Family and Friends.

Now that you are learning how to get sober and stay sober for Christmas 2022, it is time to begin thinking about what you can do to make this Christmas 2022 different from previous years. The first step in making a change to discover sober living is realizing that your current way of life has not worked for you and that something must be done differently if a change is going to happen.

This means changing your thoughts about yourself so you can experience sober living. If someone says something hurtful or rudely insulting, instead of getting upset or angry at them, consider thinking, “Wow! How could anyone say such mean things? They must hate their own lives if they would talk like this!” This will help you remember why self-care is essential to sober living because people mistreat others without even realizing how hurtful their words are!


It can be simple to feel as though all your old habits will draw you back when the Christmas 2022 holidays are near. But keep in your thoughts that you are not alone; many other people are now battling with Christmas and addiction recovery. Reach out for assistance or look for services like AA meetings or neighborhood support organizations. Additionally, keeping in touch with loved ones who support your sober living and motivating those around you are excellent ways to stay encouraged during this Christmas 2022 season. We hope that this advice about how to get sober and stay sober for Christmas 2022 will help you maintain sober living throughout the season and longer