What happens during an alcoholics anonymous guest speaker meeting

Alcoholism and drug addiction are persistent diseases and should not be taken lightly. Others might have judged individuals who are alcoholics or even addicts. There are also several ways people should stop this. One of the most effective ways is through an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting. Attending such AA meetings will help individuals be more mindful of their actions. Unfortunately, it is difficult to cure this, especially if an individual lacks discipline.

Moreover, it takes courage for one’s need for recovery since it calls for a continuous and collaborative effort. Hence, a support group is essential to keep you motivated to recover, especially in a place even after you leave facilities. You can get the help you need by attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, as Alcoholics Anonymous developed the 12-Step program model. The AA meetings offer a secure setting where you can share your story, interact with others who understand your challenges, and work on the 12-Steps.

There are numerous formats available for AA meetings. In most sessions, participants will discuss the effects of drinking on them and the people around them. Most also talk about how they stopped drinking and live their lives now. The goal of every meeting in AA is to be able to share their experience, have strength in doing so, and be hopeful with each other so they can beat and recover from alcoholism and addiction together. This is what the members of the group are encouraged to do.

Share their stories and experiences

A few people request a moment of silence; the chair will frequently inquire if any attendees who are in attendance are brand-new to the AA meeting and would like to introduce themselves. Although it is not required, identifying yourself may be helpful at AA meetings. No matter the format of the AA meeting, may it be a discussion or a speaker meeting. AA meetings might be closed or open. The conversation usually revolves around the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions format in AA meetings. Depending on the AA meeting’s general guidelines, some groups prefer that members who speak have a minimum period of continuous sobriety. Speaker meetings frequently take place in public; they share their stories, and hopefully, the audience can learn from them. 

Elaboration on one’s story 

Just like any AA meeting, one is free to share their story. For extended periods, one or two people elaborate on their story. The AA meeting can then be opened up for others to participate. They have all the time to delve deeper into their story and inspire the audience. Aside from this, because it is an unknown type of guest speaker meeting, there is no room for judgment; the audience will not judge you; they will be there to listen to all you have to say. So take your time and feel free to share the story you have wanted to share at the AA meeting. You will never know how your story will have an impact on others. 

Attending alcoholics anonymous guest speaker meetings is like any other AA meeting, for it provides the same opportunity to want to live a better life. Since it is an AA meeting, they practice the same traditions, and all their discussions revolve around AA’s 12 steps and 12 traditions. This has been a strategic way of how addicts change their lives, so we might as well try it. After all, you are just there to attend and hear people out; you are not required to speak up if you don’t want to. However, after these AA meetings, one is usually more comfortable and most likely to share their stories too. 


Being sober is a difficult journey, to begin with, but imagine sharing this journey of yours with other people too? Imagine how your story can change and transform one’s life. One sober person discusses their experience, strength, and hope at various AA meetings, specifically those specifically designed for newcomers and those with speakers. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are a fellowship designed to help drug addicts and alcoholics to change their lives for the better. Due to its popularity, there are several AA meetings around the state. Navigate through their site and see which ones are closest and more convenient to you. 

People frequently recall their feelings during their first few Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or other 12-step recovery sessions more than what they heard. A mixture of these emotions and all different feelings may be experienced. Knowing even a little about what to anticipate might help ease some of the first fear or bewilderment that can come with being in a new place with new people. By attending one of these AA meetings, you are guaranteed to witness a safe environment you have longed for. Check out their website today and attend the next AA meeting around your area.