5 Thanksgiving Activities To Support Sober Living

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together to celebrate the things that matter most. However, if you’re an alcoholic or recovering from alcoholism, sober living is a priority, and it can be hard to find an opportunity to celebrate the holiday where sobriety will be supported and encouraged. This can be incredibly challenging if you’ve recently stopped drinking or are just entering recovery from addiction and attending AA meetings. Fortunately, there are lots of ways that people in recovery can participate in this particular occasion without alcohol available for them:

  1. Thanksgiving 5k

The Thanksgiving 5K is a fun way to exercise and support sober living. You can rest assured that it’s a well-organized event that will be held in your town on November 22nd. Participants are welcome to run or walk with their loved ones or come solo if they prefer. There are no requirements for participating; all ages are welcome, and there is even a 1 Mile Fun Run option!

  1. Attend AA meetings

Numerous AA meetings today are accessible, open, and anonymous. For example, the AA meetings near me schedule will be held in various locations across the nation at any time of day or night. These AA meetings today can be attended by sober people who have no intention of drinking again and those who want to maintain sobriety but cannot quit drinking for some reason or another.

If you are wondering Are AA meetings open near me, many AA meetings are available on holidays like Thanksgiving, so there are opportunities available for you to continue sober living and be supported through the Thanksgiving holiday. If you’re interested in attending an AA meeting today, there’s an AA meetings list where you can find AA meetings near me scheduled.

You might need help finding an appropriate AA meeting today, location, or determining how often it is best for your schedule. Visit our AA meetings list to discover “are AA meetings open near me,” the AA meetings near me schedule, and the AA meetings today so you can find the best one to fit into your schedule.

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  1. Participate in a community service event.

Consider volunteering at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving or preparing meals for the homeless if you’re looking for a way to give back. You can prepare meals for people dealing with addiction and mental health issues during the holiday season or volunteer with your sober living group on Thanksgiving Day. It can help you feel better as you serve others and enjoy sober living this Thanksgiving.

  1. Give out Thanksgiving meals to homeless people.

Giving homeless people Thanksgiving meals is one way you can contribute. This is a wonderful way to serve others and improve your outlook on the world.

To do this:

– Volunteer at an organization serving meals or donate food that you would otherwise eat at Thanksgiving dinner (or just throw it out).

– Go into your neighborhood and find an area where many homeless people need food.

– Ask if they would like hot water bottles or blankets while waiting for their meal!

  1. Make a meal for a sober living group or your family.

Cooking can be therapeutic, and it’s easy to make a variety of dishes that everyone at the table will appreciate. You can also bring food from home if inspired or have access to some ingredients otherwise unavailable in recovery programs. If you don’t feel like cooking yourself, there are plenty of places to purchase a prepared dish. Just remember that some people have health issues, limited and restricted diets, dietary restrictions, intolerances, eating disorders, or food allergies and may need to decline to enjoy your dish, so please do not be offended or take it personally. Accept their no thank you and be grateful for the others that enjoy your delicious food as you celebrate sober living this Thanksgiving!

Conclusion to 5 Thanksgiving Activities to Support Sober Living

You can have fun during the holidays while continuing sober living! There are numerous ways to celebrate the holidays without drinking and still have a good time. You don’t have to hide from your loved ones or friends, and you shouldn’t feel bad for having fun while embracing sober living. Try volunteering at a soup kitchen instead, or do something small like cooking a meal for someone else in need if this is something new for you or if it feels like too much work. In either case, be grateful that there are people who will encourage and celebrate your sober living with you all year. Check out our sobriety calculator to celebrate each day as you continue with sober living even through the holidays. People who want to meet people who feel the same way can visit aa-meetings  and find a meeting near you. If you need clarification on whether this is something for you, try going to a few meetings and look for the AA meeting that is the right fit for you!