Sobriety Calculator

Find Out How Long You’ve Been Sober

Sobriety isn’t easy and keeping track of how long you've been sober is even more difficult. That’s why we created the Sobriety Calculator to eliminate the headache of memorizing the length of your sobriety.


What is a sobriety calculator?

It is important for you to know how long you've abstained from alcohol consumption. In other words, knowing the length of time you have remained sober can act as a real motivator in your fight against alcoholism. Our Sobriety Calculator is a simple way of calculating the length of your sobriety.

How to use the sobriety calculator?

Our sobriety calculator is simple to use and can be handled by anyone. All you have to do is enter your name, email address, and the month, day, and year you gave up alcohol in the chart provided on the sobriety calculator page. Hit the ‘Calculate Sobriety’ tab to know the length of your sobriety accurately.

Why use the sobriety calculator?

Sobriety Calculator offers a simple, reliable, and quick way of knowing the length of your sobriety without having to memorize the days, dates, and other details. It simplifies the task of tracking for how long you have remained off alcohol.