Sobriety Calculator

Find Out How Long You’ve Been Sober

Staying away from alcohol is not easy, especially when you have had a long history of addiction. Sobriety is a much-desired thing for those trying to kick the habit and also for their loved ones. If you have managed to stay away from alcohol for long, it can give your efforts and confidence a major boost. The sobriety calculator is designed to make it easy for you to keep track of your sobriety journey.

Not all those who decide to give up alcohol and other addictions are successful in their endeavor. Using a sobriety calculator is a helpful tool but you also need a firm resolve and steely willpower to achieve your recovery goals. It is hard work, no doubt. You can do better with the support of your loved ones and the community through the long, tough journey. Alcoholics Anonymous has helped many people overcome their addiction problems by providing the support, direction, and guidance they need during the most challenging times by using the time-tested 12 traditions of AA.


What is a sobriety calculator?

It is important for you to know how long you've abstained from alcohol consumption. In other words, knowing the length of time you have remained sober can act as a real motivator in your fight against alcoholism. Our Sobriety Calculator is a simple way of calculating the length of your sobriety.

How to use the sobriety calculator?

Our sobriety calculator is simple to use and can be handled by anyone. All you have to do is enter your name, email address, and the month, day, and year you gave up alcohol in the chart provided on the sobriety calculator page. Hit the ‘Calculate Sobriety’ tab to know the length of your sobriety accurately.

Why use the sobriety calculator?

Sobriety Calculator offers a simple, reliable, and quick way of knowing the length of your sobriety without having to memorize the days, dates, and other details. It simplifies the task of tracking for how long you have remained off alcohol.

A Powerful Tool to Encourage Your Efforts

The Alcoholics Anonymous sobriety calculator is a powerful weapon in your fight against de-addiction. It offers a simple way of calculating the length of your sobriety. You can calculate your sobriety efforts using the AA sobriety calculator accurately.

Want to use the sobriety calculator in months? You can do it with ease. Want to take it even further and use the sobriety calculator in days? Alcoholics Anonymous makes even that possible. All you have to do is punch in the details and you will get the results you are looking for within no time.

An Expert Number Cruncher

The sobriety calculator is a highly valuable tool in your de-addiction efforts. It can act as a motivator by crunching the numbers for you about your recovery journey. When you have stayed away from alcohol for a pretty decent period of time, the figures you see on the calculator can provide you with the confidence that you can achieve your total de-addiction goal if you have come this far.

Your Sobriety Journey Made Easy

Knowing your sobriety date can help you use that event as a marker when you made one of the biggest decisions of your life. It can be viewed as a turning point when your life took the first baby steps towards an addiction-free life. That date can clearly demarcate your past from your future. The present of course is the journey you are going through right now. And if the sobriety calculator is showing good numbers, you must be pretty happy with your efforts and the way things are shaping up.

According to experts, your sobriety date should be the first full day you have completed without giving in to any addictive temptation. Alcoholics Anonymous will help you stay away from alcohol and any other addictions you might have had by providing you with all the support you need to give up alcohol permanently. The sobriety calculator will, of course, help you track your recovery efforts and motivate you to keep going until you have finally come a long way from those dark days of addiction.

Slipped up in your recovery efforts? Get back on the sobriety track fast. Use the reliable AA Meetings Locator to find an 'AA Meeting near me'. Many alcoholics who had little hope of leading a normal existence have turned around their lives by attending AA Meetings.

Are you on the sobriety journey? Check out your sobriety numbers now – in years, months, days!