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Just below is a broad list of AA meetings near Indiana. Can’t see a AA meeting that meets your day and time requirements? Maybe there’s one in the nearby towns.

Want To Know What An AA Meeting Is About?

AA or Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting is a program for people who are dependent on alcohol and wish to attain sobriety. This program has been instrumental in helping innumerable people to turn their life around and leave their drinking problems behind. It is a free program, and members voluntarily keep it running with their funding. The only stipulation to join AA is a genuine desire to quit drinking. Otherwise, you could belong to any color, creed, or faith – nothing is barring you from attending a meeting. Those who refrain from attending these thoughts might be religious, be assured that is not so. All that happens here is a group of former addicts meeting up and discussing their life experiences.

Want To Know How To Select An AA Meeting In Indiana?

AA meetings are of different types. You may like a particular type of meeting – one in which you feel pretty at home. Before you decide on which AA meeting in Indiana you would like to attend, here is a shortlist of a few types of meetings for your reference. 

Beginner’s meetings: these are usually small-sized meetings. They are attended by the newly sober people or those who realize they have a drinking problem. 

Open and closed meetings: In the former, friends and family of the recovering alcoholic are free to attend and partake of the proceedings. The latter type is just for those with an addiction issue. It is not open to all. Then there are meditation meetings with some portion of the time dedicated to guided meditation, with a share or discussion towards the end. Also, there are step meetings where members discuss the 12 steps of recovery and how a particular step helped them attain sobriety.

Want To Know How To Benefit From An AA Meeting In Indiana?

For almost all people recovering from addiction, attending AA meetings in Indiana becomes a part of their lives. Some people love attending them and look forward to each one. For some, it is like medicine which they have to take to stay well. Whatever the case, the fact is AA is widely regarded as the best program for those wanting to be free from alcohol for the rest of their lives.

Remember that sober people surround you if you want to draw the best out of your AA meeting in Indiana. They are willing to encourage and support you on your journey. Be open to their suggestions and advice. Fight the temptation, and do not be afraid to ask for help. Everyone there is ready to offer assistance, and you must not hesitate to take it.