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Are you based in Louisiana and struggling with alcohol addiction? Relax; there is a highly effective, tried, and tested method about which you will know more in AA meetings near Louisiana. Here you will meet folks who are in the process of getting rid of alcoholism and many who have already gotten rid of it. If you want to attend a meeting close to your residence, you are in the right place; keep reading. In case you don’t find a meeting close to where you stay, you can find one in any other location a little further away but close enough.

What Exactly Are AA Meetings All About?

AA meetings are known all over the world and not just in Louisiana or across the United States. The meetings began after publishing a book in 1939 titled Alcoholics Anonymous, which explained ways to get rid of alcohol addiction. Some people facing the problem tried the methods and were successful in getting rid of their addiction. They pioneered the meetings that have now acquired a brand image as AA meetings.

In these meetings, the participants are given a new perspective of dealing with alcohol addiction through psychological orientation. Hence, when you attend an AA meeting near Louisiana, you will learn that alcohol addiction is more a state of mind than anything else. Therefore, it is difficult for a weak and disoriented mind to dump it and move on. That’s where the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings come in with solutions that have worked on millions of alcoholics over eight decades.

Knowing Which AA Meeting You Should Attend

AA meetings have a progressive orientation where people with different levels of alcohol addiction find their way back to a sober life. For instance, if you have recently moved to Louisiana and regularly participated in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in your earlier location, you would want to continue where you left. However, an AA meeting in Louisiana for beginners would not suit you because it will mean going all over what you have covered already. 

In the same way, if you have just completed an in-patient detox program and are now putting up in a reform house, you need to be in a beginner’s meeting. The orientation you get in the AA meetings in Louisiana is based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Beginners start with the first three steps and then move on to the higher steps as they make progress. Those who have already kicked alcoholism out of their lives are the role models who share their experiences in these meetings.

How AA Meetings Help You Beat Alcoholism

This is a tried and tested program because it has sustained over 80 years, benefitting millions of people who succeeded in getting rid of alcohol addiction. You need to follow the suggested path, but more importantly, you will pick up positive energy in the AA meetings in Louisiana or any other place. You will learn that alcoholism is a manifestation of mental frailty and has much less to do with the dependence of your internal organs on alcohol. In an AA meeting, the confidence of your fellow participants will help you kick the habit.