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We have provided the complete list of AA meetings near New York below. Not able to find convenient AA meetings in New York close by? Don’t worry; you can always check out other locations that are close by. 

Getting To Know About AA Meetings Better 

AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous, an international fellowship of people caught up in alcohol addiction and ready to fight their way out of such a habit. It all began with publishing a book titled Alcoholics Anonymous back in 1939, which triggered this worldwide movement to help alcoholics and other substance abusers kick the habit and lead everyday lives. The AA meetings form the basic framework of how the entire movement functions and grows with new members in new locations.

The AA meetings in New York and elsewhere are open to people of all creeds, colors, classes, communities, and whatever other denominations people identify themselves with. People attending these meetings share their experiences in their journey back to sobriety and encourage each other to continue the trip back to a life without alcohol or any other substance abuse. 

Which AA Meeting Is Right For You Near New York? 

The AA Meetings are a vast network of voluntary gatherings where people facing problems with the bottle find the right environment for fighting back against the habit and eventually kick it out of their lives. As it is a vast global movement today, the meetings have been structured for attendees at different levels of alcoholism. For instance, if you are just out of a detox program, attending a beginners’ AA meeting in New York would be ideal for you. It will be helpful for you to know that the basic principles of AA meetings are known as the 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, which forms the basis of the 12 Steps of AA. Hence, a beginner can attend an AA Meeting on the first three steps. Similarly, you can attend an AA meeting where they have spiritual discourse and meditation sessions or meetings where you can listen to case studies of individuals who have come out of their alcohol addiction. If you are undecided on which AA meeting near you is suitable for you, attend one meeting near you. Rest assured, once you hear such a meeting, you will be more precise in your mind about which panel is right for you. 

Benefiting From Attending AA Meetings 

It pays to be in a positive frame of mind when you attend the first of your AA meetings near New York. These meetings are designed to help people in your situation as well as those in a worse situation. It would be best if you remembered that the network of AA meetings has grown into a worldwide movement against alcoholism across eight decades only because people have benefited from attending these meetings. You will get to meet different people from many walks of life who had the same problem but are now mentally much more robust and more confident after quitting alcohol. Their mental strength and confidence will surely rub off on you, just as it happened with them when they attended their first Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting. It would help if you were bold enough to admit that getting addicted to alcohol is a weakness, and you want to become strong enough to beat the habit. You will be amazed by the encouragement and support you will receive from veteran attendees.