AA Meeting: 12 Traditions, Long Form

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Location Name: Ephrata Central After Apr 6, Discussion

Address: Ephrata

City: Ephrata

State: PA

Zip: 17522


Day Time Info
Saturday 5:30:00 PM AA Meeting, Discussion


In Ephrata, Pennsylvania, the AA Meeting adheres closely to the 12 Traditions, Long Form, embodying the core principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. This group provides a supportive environment for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol addiction.

1. Inclusive Community: The group welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding.

2. Focus on Spiritual Growth: Members are encouraged to explore and develop their spiritual beliefs as part of their recovery journey.

3. Emphasis on Accountability: The group promotes accountability among its members, encouraging honesty and responsibility in maintaining sobriety.

4. Supportive Network: Beyond meetings, members offer support and encouragement to one another, creating a strong network of solidarity.

5. Commitment to Service: The group actively engages in service projects within the community, embodying the principle of altruism central to the AA philosophy.

The AA Meeting in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, stands as a beacon of hope for those navigating the challenges of alcohol addiction. Through adherence to the 12 Traditions, Long Form, and a commitment to inclusivity, spiritual growth, accountability, support, and service, this group provides a vital lifeline for individuals on their path to recovery.

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