AA Meeting: Ivyland Tuesday Women’s Step Women

For More Information on Meetings and Times Call: (866)920-0628

Location Name: Presbyterian Church 51 Gough Ave

Address: 51 Gough Avenue

City: Ivyland

State: PA

Zip: 18974


Day Time Info
Tuesday 6:30:00 PM Closed Step AA Meeting, Women


In Ivyland, Pennsylvania, every Tuesday, women gather for the Ivyland Tuesday Women’s Step Meeting. This group provides a supportive environment for women seeking recovery from alcohol addiction.

1. Female-Focused Support: This group exclusively caters to women, providing a space where they can share experiences and support each other in their journey to sobriety.
2. Step-Based Approach: Following the traditional twelve-step program, members work through each step together, guided by experienced facilitators.
3. Safe and Confidential Environment: Confidentiality is highly valued in this group, ensuring that members feel safe to open up about their struggles without fear of judgment.
4. Community Engagement: Beyond meetings, the group actively engages in community outreach and service projects, fostering a sense of purpose and connection among members.
5. Holistic Wellbeing: Recognizing the importance of holistic healing, the group incorporates wellness activities such as yoga and mindfulness exercises into their meetings, promoting overall health and balance.

Ivyland Tuesday Women’s Step Meeting offers a unique and nurturing space for women in the Ivyland area to embark on their journey to recovery. Through support, camaraderie, and a structured program, members find strength and hope for a sober and fulfilling life.

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