Springs AA Meetings for Couples

AA meetings are a vital part of staying sober and living a happy life. They can help you connect with others who understand where you’re coming from and want to help you stay on the right path. But what if your partner is also struggling with alcohol?

If you’re a couple facing a serious drinking problem, don’t let that stop you from getting help. The unique challenges of this relationship can make it difficult to stay sober, but there are plenty of resources available, and the two of you can get through this together.

Luckily, there are special AA meetings just for couples. Many of these couples’ meetings are held during the spring. If you’re thinking about attending AA meetings with your partner, it’s important to remember to participate when your partner is speaking. It’s not about being a cheerleader but about being there for your partner when they need you most. 

Here are some tips to help you and your partner prepare for a healthy and sober spring.

Work With Your Partner

Make sure you and your significant other are both on board before you start attending couples’ AA meetings. Some recoveries emphasize the need to do it alone, while other people strongly recommend a partner.

While you may be able to agree on these AA meetings from the start, your partner may not be as on board as you are. So don’t push them into it all at once.

Set aside time to talk about your relationship and the drinking. Listen to your partner and try to understand their concerns. If you’re unsure about going to AA meetings, try having a few meetings together without alcohol.

Notice if your partner seems more relaxed or open to the AA meetings with time. If you’re still concerned, discuss your worries with your sponsor or a loving friend.

If Both of You Are New to Recovery

If both of you are new to recovery, you may have different views on attending AA meetings together.

If you’re the one in this relationship struggling with alcohol, you may need more support. Try to agree on one AA meeting a week together. This way, your partner can take time off to do things you both enjoy, and you can attend AA meetings.

If you’re the partner of someone with a drinking problem, make sure you get your own sponsor and check in with them regularly. Then, if your partner decides to start going to AA meetings, you’ll be able to talk to your sponsor about your concerns and thoughts.

Remember, your partner has a right to their feelings. They may be worried about what people will think if you start going to couples’ AA meetings or simply feel better going to their own AA meetings. If you can’t get them to go to any AA meetings, be gentle and supportive. The two of you can decide how you want to work this out together.

Going to AA Meetings Together

If you’re both ready to start going to couples’ AA meetings, try to choose one that’s not too far away. If you make it a priority, you’ll be able to find a meeting nearby. Don’t forget to make time for your partner and go to lunch or other activities together.

If you’re new to recovery, it may seem difficult at first. Listen to your partner when they speak. Don’t get defensive if your partner says something you disagree with. And don’t interrupt when they’re talking. Try to take in what your partner is saying.

When it’s your turn to share, focus on what you’re doing right. Be honest and share how you feel. Keep your focus on yourself and your own feelings.

Couples’ AA meetings are a great chance to share how you’re doing and to learn new ways to stop drinking. Remember that recovery is a process, so don’t expect to be perfect from the start. Try to focus on the positive things you’re doing and work on making them a habit.

Preparing for Spring

If you and your partner enter into recovery together, you can start feeling hopeful when the vernal equinox comes. You may find this spring season has more meaning than you had expected.

Spring is a time to appreciate new life and growth in both your relationship and in yourself. As you learn to trust each other and work together, you can experience a new joy. If you’re at the beginning of your recovery, make the most of spring by staying clean and sober.

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