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You will find below a wide-ranging list of AA meetings near Connecticut. Here, you can also check the towns nearest to you.

What Is an AA Meeting?

In AA meetings, people fighting alcoholism gather to open their hearts and speak about their life experiences and battles with drinking or drug addiction. When you enter an AA meeting near Connecticut, you will find a lot of warmth and acceptance in the room. These meetings are usually held in large halls or community centers as these are big enough to contain many people without feeling claustrophobic. Sessions are free of any charges and typically are open to all, irrespective of color or faith. In some cases, there might be a collection towards the end of the meeting to pay the rent of the hall, but there is no compulsion to pay. There are no religious overtones to these meetings. It would help if you didn’t have any worries about that behalf.

The Best Method to Select an AA Meeting in Connecticut

Selecting an AA meeting in Connecticut that’s most suited for you is an important step. That is the first vital step you take once your medical de-addiction process is over. There are several types of meetings, ranging from gender-specific ones to 12-step ones. In a Step Study, people gather to discuss a single step towards an alcohol-free life. The focus is only on that one step, and it is discussed in great detail. Members then apply that step to their daily life and ascertain the difference it makes. In Speaker meetings, there is generally one speaker.

There might be two or three in some meetings, but it is mostly one speaker who goes to the front of the room and relates their story. This may be, in some cases, followed by shares from the other attendees too. These meetings are also called discussion meetings. It is possible that a meditation session for a portion of the total time or the entirety of the duration in Meditation meetings. It can be guided meditation, which is usually followed by a discussion. You should, ideally, go to several different types before you settle down for the best-suited one for yourself.

The Best Way to Get the Most from an AA Meeting in Connecticut

Each Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is autonomous. It is run as the members see fit. If you have come to attend an AA meeting in Connecticut, that means you realize that you need help in battling your addiction. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Every single person in that place has been where you are today. They have achieved success in their goal on the back of their single-minded dedication to the cause. Just stand up and ask for help. You will be amazed to see the deluge of support and encouragement coming your way.