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Below is a comprehensive directory of AA meetings in Kansas. Unable to find a meeting close to you at the time and day you; re looking for? Here, you can check out nearby towns.

Idea About AA Meeting

AA Meetings are where people share their life experiences and success stories with other alcoholics. AA was started around 80 years back with the sole aim of helping alcoholics. It is this single-minded focus that has made this society so famous and almost synonymous with deaddiction. There are no charges here. They do not solicit members, nor do they store attendance records or case studies. There is no ‘controlling’ of members, and everyone who comes heroes so of their own accord. At an AA meeting in Kansas, there is no talk of religion or color, or creed. There is a discussion on gaining strength and amassing hope and the offering of warmth and acceptance of a former alcoholic. You won’t find any domestic or vocational counseling, too, if you think that an AA meeting near Kansas might be of that type.

Select An AA Meeting

Almost everyone finds the path to sobriety a difficult one. Weaning is never easy. Whether you have been court-mandated to join a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Kansas or are here because you feel you have a problem, you should choose a meeting that’s best suited to you. If you cannot open up in front of the opposite gender, go for a men’s or women’s only group. If you are gender-fluid or prefer your gender, you can attend gay or lesbian meetings. There are old-timer meetings and young people groups too, for those who find inspiration from others in their age bracket. There are meditation meetings and step meetings. There is a meeting for everyone. Try and attend a meeting that spurs you to share your story and reach out for help. You are welcome to try various discussions out till you find one fitting you like a glove. Then you can open your arms and take it all in.

Benefiting From Your AA Meeting In Kansas

Do know that an AA meeting in Kansas is for you. Everyone here has been through the same nightmare as you. So when you walk in that door, make sure that you enter with an open mind, all willing to take in change and become that change in other’s lives too. If it is your first time, raise your hand, introduce yourself and try to embrace the openness of others. At times you may feel there is a purging of one’s deepest emotions, but remember that it would pave the way for self-healing, which is a must on the road to sobriety. While it may not be easy, you won’t walk alone.