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Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are found all over the United States and around the world. There is no shortage of AA meetings in New Mexico, as listed below. Our AA meeting directory is updated regularly, so please feel free to bookmark this page. We can also help you find AA meetings near New Mexico and elsewhere.

What Are AA Meetings All About?

Alcoholics Anonymous was published in 1939. It was authored by Bill Wilson – one of the founders of AA — and it is still in print today. Sometimes called The Big Book, it contains the ideas that led to the famous 12 steps of AA and the 12 traditions of AA. 

The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous is committed to helping people be sober. All AA meetings in New Mexico exist for that purpose, but meeting formats vary. A lead speaker or two talk in some meetings and group discussions are held in others. No one has to talk or reveal any personal information about themselves.

AA meetings in New Mexico help alcoholics live in sobriety. Community is a key feature of AA. In a community of people in recovery — with all the information and accountability measures that they are provided with — alcoholics can do what they have to do in order to take control of their lives. They take advantage of AA free of charge; membership in Alcoholics Anonymous does not cost any money.

Which AA Meeting Is Right for You?

No AA meeting in New Mexico is exactly the same as another. Together with AA groups worldwide, they all have one central purpose. However, meetings vary in terms of their feel and format. You have your own unique needs and personality, so some AA groups in New Mexico might not work for you as well as others. If it seems as if a specific AA group or AA meeting in New Mexico is not a good fit for you, you have options.

AA meetings in New Mexico are either “closed” or “open.” An “open” AA meeting is open to non-alcoholics and a “closed” meeting is for alcoholics only.

If it is the first time that you look for an AA meeting in New Mexico, you might want to look for one that focuses on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. Any AA meeting in New Mexico will talk about them to some extent, but you need to develop a solid understanding. Some AA meetings focus on them more than others. Either way, what is most important is that you simply attend an AA meeting — any AA meeting in New Mexico. Then you can decide whether you want to return or try another group instead.

It might be some time before you find a New Mexico AA group that you are comfortable with. When you find one, you can consider it your home group. After a while, you can track your progress with a sobriety calculator.

Benefitting from AA Meetings

If you want to be successful in your recovery from alcoholism, you should have a positive mindset. A generally positive mindset will help you make the most of your time in AA. An open mind is necessary along with a general receptiveness to all that AA has to offer. People worldwide have achieved long-term sobriety with AA and so can you.

Of course, you might relapse if you fail to attend meetings regularly. If you are part of a New Mexico AA group that you feel comfortable in, please talk to someone within the group who has been sober for a few years. They can keep you accountable and help keep you sober. 

Our list of AA meetings in New Mexico is updated regularly, so please feel free to bookmark this page. We can also help you find AA meetings near New Mexico or elsewhere.

When you have made some progress, please see how far you have come with our sobriety calculator.