AA Meeting: Franklin Group

For More Information on Meetings and Times Call: 1-718-306-9298

Location Name: Franklin Railroad & Community Museum

Address: 574 Main St

City: Franklin

State: NY

Zip: 11355


Day Time Info
Tuesday 6:00 PM Big Book Open Meeting
Friday 8:30:00 PM Unspecified Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
Wednesday 7:00:00 PM Big Book AA Meeting, Closed
Sunday 7:00:00 PM Closed Discussion AA Meeting
Monday 12:00 PM Open Discussion AA Meeting
Thursday 12:00 PM Closed Discussion AA Meeting
Tuesday 12:00 PM Open Discussion AA Meeting
Wednesday 12:00 PM Open Discussion AA Meeting


The Franklin Group in Franklin, New York, offers a well-rounded and engaging approach to recovery from alcoholism, integrating structured Big Book studies, as well as open and closed meeting formats. This group is committed to providing a supportive and educational environment where individuals can explore the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, share their experiences, and learn from each other’s journeys. Meetings at the Franklin Group are characterized by their inclusivity and depth of discussion. The Big Book meetings, in particular, provide a focused exploration of the foundational text of AA, offering members a deep dive into the teachings and principles that are at the heart of the recovery program. This is complemented by both open and closed meetings, which cater to a broader audience or provide privacy for more personal discussions, respectively.

Here are five key aspects of the Franklin Group AA meetings:

1. Big Book Meeting: Regularly scheduled Big Book meetings allow members to study and discuss the core AA text in detail, enhancing their understanding and application of its teachings in their recovery journey.

2. Closed Meetings: These meetings are restricted to those who identify as alcoholics, ensuring a private and secure environment where members can openly share and discuss sensitive issues and personal experiences without outside observers.

3. Open Meetings: Open to the general public, including friends and family of members, these meetings help to educate and involve supportive persons in the recovery process, fostering a broader understanding of the challenges faced by those with alcohol dependence.

4. AA Group Discussions: Structured group discussions provide a platform for members to connect, share insights, and offer mutual support. These discussions are key to building the community ethos and peer support network that are essential for sustained recovery.

5. Inclusive Environment: The Franklin Group emphasizes inclusivity, ensuring that all meetings are conducted in a way that respects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of its members, facilitating a welcoming and supportive recovery environment.

For anyone in Franklin, New York, looking for a comprehensive support system in their battle against alcoholism, the Franklin Group provides a robust framework. Whether you are new to AA or seeking a deeper engagement with its principles, the Franklin Group welcomes you to join their meetings and benefit from a community committed to recovery and mutual support.

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