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Search Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Virginia

If you are based in Virginia and feel that you have an alcohol addiction, you will be glad to know that you can learn more about a tried and tested deaddiction method in AA meetings in Virginia. In these meetings, you will be able to get in touch with recovering alcoholics and some completely sober individuals. Keep reading if you want to attend an appointment close to your place. Unable to locate a AA meeting in your vicinity? You can find one a little further away but still close enough to you. 

What You Will Find In An AA Meeting Near Virginia

AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous – a gathering of former alcoholics and those still struggling with the urge to drink. This society came into existence more than three-quarters of a century ago. A book by the same name listed suggestions on how one can overcome the urge to drink. The success of these tips led to the formation of this group, and ever since conception, AA has been instrumental in leading countless people into leaving their addictions behind and gaining a new lease on life. AA is self-funded, independent of investors and lenders, free from religious, race, or color affiliations, and devoid of didactic learnings. It is open to all – with the only stipulation that the person has the strong wish to become and remain sober. At an AA meeting in Virginia, you will find a group of people meeting and discussing their experiences with liquor, struggles, hopes for the future, and determination not to let drink rule their lives.

Choosing An AA Meeting

With the many formats of these meetings available now, it might not be obvious to decide which one would be the best fit. To help you out, here’s a small list of some types. An open meeting comprises not just the addict but also their family and friends, who might like to sit in or participate in the discussion to help and support the person on the homefront. A closed meeting, on the other hand, is only for the afflicted and no one else. A Big Book meeting has members reading some text of the AA Big Book aloud and then discussing various aspects of the text. A Step meeting is where members speak about the 12 steps of AA. Then there are the self-explanatory men-only, women-only, gays, and lesbian sessions.  The best bet would be to start with anyone AA meeting near Virginia and then try a couple more to see which makes you feel the most comfortable.

Getting The Best From An AA Meeting In Virginia

You are here because you feel you have a problem. AA is for those who help themselves. While you will get spectacular support and encouragement here, the onus of attaining sobriety is entirely on you. Listen to the others carefully and ensure you follow their learnings. Bettering your life is in your own hands and, with the right attitude towards sobriety, you will soon be able to reclaim your drink-free life.