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Search Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Kentucky

Below you will find a wide-ranging list of AA meetings near Kentucky. If you cannot attend a meeting that meets your day and time, you can check out other meetings in nearby towns.

What Are AA Meetings?

AA or Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of people with a prior drinking problem. This is a self-supporting program that is open to everyone regardless of gender, race or religious affiliation. It is free to join, and there are also no age or education requirements. The membership is dependent on the person’s desire to put an end to drinking and attainment of sobriety. If you want to attend an AA meeting near Kentucky, you can walk in without any fear of judgment. Everyone here has been in the same shoes as you and is here of their own accord because they seek to enrich their lives and put their dark past behind them.

How To Select An AA Meeting In Kentucky?

Before you venture out into the world of AA meetings, you should have a basic idea of their different types.

Speaker Meetings: these are big-sized, usually open, meetings. While one does not have to be an alcoholic to attend these meetings, alcoholism, and recovery. These are not ‘sharing’ meetings, however. Instead, these are upbeat, jolly meetings with one speaker who relates their journey from alcoholism to sobriety.

Big Book Meetings: the main text in AA is better known as the Big Book. In these meetings, members read aloud certain sections of the Big Book and then discuss the sections in the hope of motivating new members towards a complete renunciation of the bottle.

Step Meetings: these meetings read out and discuss the 12 steps towards recovery as mentioned in AA literature. Not just these, there are several other types of AA meetings too. In case you are thinking about the best one for yourself, a good idea would be to attend a few before you make up your mind. You may find the perfect AA meeting in Kentucky on the first try itself, but you must try some more before you make the final call.

How To Get The Most Advantages From An AA Meeting In Kentucky?

AA formed nearly 80 years ago. Since then, it has been instrumental in changing the lives of innumerable people. It is a place for these people to gather and share their fears and triumphs and form lifelong relationships and friendships. However, if you genuinely want to change for the better and learn how to control your impulse to drink, you must open your heart to listening to the experiences of the others around you. You should let them into your life and be accepting of their support and encouragement. Also, you must be willing to do the same for them. That’s when you will indeed be free from the demon of drinking.