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Here, you will find an extensive list of AA meetings near Illinois. Not seeing any single meeting that suits your day and time? Never mind! How about checking these out in nearby towns.

 What Is An AA Meeting All About?

AA or Alcoholics Anonymous is a program for people struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, also called users. An AA meeting is a one-hour long session usually held once a week for members to gather together and discuss their life goals, struggles, and aspirations. If you yearn for sobriety, an AA meeting near Illinois is the right place to be. Just so you know, to be a member, you don’t have to belong to a specific race, creed, religion, or color. All you need is the strong desire to live outside of the clutches of your addiction.

 Wish To Know How To Select An AA Meeting Near Illinois?

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are of several types. Here’s a shortlist of a few of them to help you understand some types so you can make the best selection for yourself. Closed AA Meeting: This meeting is just for addicts. It is not open to anyone else, whether friends or family. Recovering alcoholics meet and discuss issues related to drinking and the troubles related to it.

Open AA Meeting: Friends and families of addicts are free to attend this type of meeting. As the name goes, it is open for everyone who wants to attend it.

Speaker Meeting: This meeting opens with one speaker who goes up to the front of the room and shares their life story. Members listen attentively to the speaker who may or may not request a discussion towards their speaking.

Traditions Meeting: There are several traditions that AA follows. In these meetings, one or more of these traditions are discussed in detail. The fact is that every AA meeting is autonomous – they operate as they wish. Sometimes they mix one or two different types or stick with a single type. So, if you are still confused, start with attending any one type of AA meeting in Illinois and take it from there. You can always go to the other types till you find one you feel most comfortable in.

Understanding How To Benefit From An AA Meeting

All types of AA meetings have been created with a specific purpose – to help alcoholics. You know you need to change and leave drinking behind. It would be best if you put in the effort to gain the max from these meetings. At your first AA meeting near Illinois, raise your hand and tell everyone that you are a new member. Be open to sharing your life experiences with everyone. You won’t find judgment here – just a lot of encouragement and support from everyone on your journey to complete recovery from the tangle of drinking.