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Look below to find a full list of AA meetings near California for those you can choose from. If you don’t find any AA Meetings at a convenient distance from where you are located, look up a few other nearby locations.

What AA Meetings Are All About?

Over 80 years ago, in 1939, a book titled Alcoholics Anonymous was published and became so popular that it inspired a movement by the same name, better known today by the initials ‘AA.’ The book spoke to an audience in the grip of alcohol addiction and wanted to come out of it. It suggested an attitudinal approach to handle such a crisis that is known to destroy lives and homes. When victims of alcoholism tried that approach, they met with success and were able to get back to living sober lives. It triggered a globally popular movement and today we have AA meetings in California and other places guiding victims of alcoholism to find their way out of the crisis.

The Ideal AA Meeting For You To Participate

The AA formula of countering alcoholism focuses hard on the psychological aspect of the addiction since the major part of it is in the mind. The emphasis is on developing mental strength and resolving to say, “Yes, I can do it.” That doesn’t come on its own, especially on someone who is hopelessly addicted to alcohol and lacks the mental strength to think of survival without alcohol. If you are in such a situation, you need to find the nearest AA meeting in California and attend it irrespective of the theme of that meeting.

Attending that first Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting is critical because you need to see for yourself how people in your condition, or worse, have been able to reform their lives and how they are radiating positivity. After that, it will be easier for you to understand which of the AA meetings in California you must attend as a beginner. The first meeting will work as an initiation for you into the world of AA. Here you will meet people confidently tackling similar problems like you and eagerly guide you to the process wherein beginners can attend specific meetings.

Know-How You Benefit From AA Meetings

When you had gotten addicted to alcoholism, you did not realize how a particular frame of mind almost enslaved you into thinking that you are a weak person who has lost their way. When you attend an AA meeting near California as a weak and psychologically disoriented person, the very opposite happens. You suddenly feel, ‘Man…I can kick the bottle so far away that it won’t ever come anywhere near me.’

That is the kind of positivity that will take over your senses when you attend any of these AA meetings. However, in your vitality, don’t go on an overdrive and skip the standard sequence of the 12 Traditions of AA also known as the 12 Steps of AA. Instead, follow the process and listen to the veterans; you will kick the habit before long.